Fishing Report at September 4th 2018

 Wild Brown Trout

Nice wild brown trout from Derbyshire’s river Wye.

An exceptional summer has certainly provided challenging fly fishing on many waters. However the cool, clear water of the Derbyshire Wye provided clients the the best fishing of recent weeks. Exciting sport, casting small dry flies and nymphs to sighted trout. This will continue to season’s end on October 7th. Autumn fishing here is excellent.

Stillwater fishing has been hard and many waters around the country have temporarily closed. Loynton Lakes remained open and in the last 10 days has shown steady improvement in fishing. The great news is fish are taking dries, nymphs and lures right now. Fishing is set to get better in the weeks to come as day length shortens, temperatures cool and food availability in the water falls.

Autumns here and it’s time to enjoy some epic fly fishing!

Have fun.


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