Grayling Fishing

About Grayling

Grayling fishing is the perfect way to extend your river fly fishing beyond the trout season! Grayling are classified traditionally as a “game fish” due to the adipose fin (the tiny fin between the dorsal fin and tail) which they have in common with trout. However, unlike trout which spawn during late autumn and early winter, grayling reproduce during spring, ensuring they are in the very best condition for fly fishing during autumn and winter.

Grayling Fly Fishing

Grayling Fly Fishing

Regarded as an indicator of a river’s health, large grayling populations are a mark of excellent water quality. Grayling thrive in cold water, even feeding on frosty day’s when your fly line welds to rod rings and the countryside looks truly spectacular.

The graylings underslung mouth signifies a predominance in bottom feeding. Despite this, grayling often rise freely, offering anglers superb dry fly fishing when fly hatches are sufficient.

Grayling Fly Fishing

Learn a wealth of knowledge and skills in grayling fishing from our expert guides. From modern short and long line nymphing techniques to classic dry fly and sight fishing with a modern twist, favoured fish lies and species information, we cover everything you need to be successful fly fishing for grayling.

Winter Grayling Fly Fishing

Winter Grayling Fly Fishing

During autumn and early winter water conditions are typically clear, ideal for anglers wishing to experience the thrill of sight fishing to large grayling.

The latter part of the season typically finds the rivers holding a little colour, favouring a host of search techniques to locate feeding grayling in their preferred winter locations. Sport with dry fly can be enjoyed at any time dependant upon day to day weather conditions.


River Coln, Gloucestershire. A spring fed river, with classic chalkstream character. An ideal venue for honing a variety of nymph, dry fly and sight fishing skills for grayling.

River Test, Hampshire. Perhaps the most famous chalkstream in the world, holding fabulous stocks of grayling.


  • 1st November to 14th March
  • Trout Fishing 1st April to 30th September see Chalkstream Fishing


  • Grayling Fishing fees for the rivers Coln and Test £160 for 1 angler or £220 for 2 anglers.

Prices include guide, fishing fees plus Orvis outfits (though you are welcome to use your own if you prefer).