Late Winter Fly Fishing Report

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winter fly fishing action

The first two months of 2024 certainly gave us some varied and challenging weather conditions. On a positive note, we should have plenty of water for the rest of the year! When conditions made sense we’ve run some casting and fishing lessons on the lakes, which are fishing really well. It’s a great time to get beginners into fish. Anglers wanting to improve have been able to see good feedback from the active fish when we make adjustments too. Winter, a really good if much ignored time of year. It’s all been about versatility (and fun🙂), varying location, lines and flies according to conditions.

kitchen table fly tying
Kitchen table fly tying

While stock and working fly boxes were all replenished late 2023, something changes around mid February each year. A place at our kitchen table with the best morning light is set for fly tying. Materials and tools change with fly patterns being tied, but this setup is a constant for the next few months, except when people are coming to lunch! Very handy if we need more of something or just feel in creative/experimental mood.

With Spring on the doorstep Stillwater fishing just becomes more diverse and interesting. A new river trout season rushes forward to greet us and conditions become a little more pleasant (if we are lucky).

We look forward to seeing you waterside.

Andrea & Steve


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