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Fishing Report at 6th November 2018

Posted on November 6th, 2018

Autumn Trout

Nigel with his 1st trout on fly!

October and early November have been largely kind weather wise and fly fishing overall has been superb on the lakes. Many clients have experienced the thrill of seeing large trout crash into shoals of small fish, then casting appropriate streamers into the fray. At the other extreme we’ve been fishing small, sparse midge patterns to trout gently supping these tiny insects. As always it’s a case of observing and adapting.

Big Rainbow Trout

Alan with his 13lb trophy rainbow trout. What a way to celebrate your Birthday!

With light levels still decent and water temperatures down, now is great time to target big trout like this stunner. Drop us a line to discuss your trip.

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Fishing Report at October 12th 2018

Posted on October 12th, 2018

River Wye Rainbow

A fine example of quality trout caught during the last weeks of of the river season.

Our 2018 river trout season has now closed and what a season it has been. As you can see from the image above, clients enjoyed action with some superb fish! We’ve guided many experienced fly fishers looking for a good day waterside and a little advancement in knowledge, plus coached numerous people fly fishing rivers for the first time and many more somewhere in between.

Want to join us on the river in 2019? Get in touch to discuss your trip here.

Right now however, it’s the stillwater fly fishing that is on the up, with the promise of better and better fishing to come for the remainder of 2018.

First trout on fly

First trout on fly!

Autumn is a fabulous time to start fly fishing. The lake fishing is productive and you have months of good fishing to enjoy and practice ahead of you. It’s also a great time for more experienced fly fishers to target fry feeders and large trout, both very visual, exciting experiences. Any opportunity to catch a fish from the surface on dry fly is worth making the most of now, as temperatures cool fishing will focus more and more on nymph and lure techniques.

Best Fishes


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Fishing Report at September 4th 2018

Posted on September 4th, 2018

 Wild Brown Trout

Nice wild brown trout from Derbyshire’s river Wye.

An exceptional summer has certainly provided challenging fly fishing on many waters. However the cool, clear water of the Derbyshire Wye provided clients the the best fishing of recent weeks. Exciting sport, casting small dry flies and nymphs to sighted trout. This will continue to season’s end on October 7th. Autumn fishing here is excellent.

Stillwater fishing has been hard and many waters around the country have temporarily closed. Loynton Lakes remained open and in the last 10 days has shown steady improvement in fishing. The great news is fish are taking dries, nymphs and lures right now. Fishing is set to get better in the weeks to come as day length shortens, temperatures cool and food availability in the water falls.

Autumns here and it’s time to enjoy some epic fly fishing!

Have fun.


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Fishing Report at 10th August 2016

Posted on August 10th, 2016

Summer river fly fishing for brown trout

Spotted, stalked and caught on a dry fly. The joy of summer fly fishing for wild brown trout.

Summer fly fishing on the Derbyshire Wye remains good. The water has remained clear and the sight fishing is so much fun right now. Hatches of up winged flies and caddis, plus spinner falls and terrestrial insects are encouraging trout to feed at the surface. When they don’t, we switch to nymph fishing.

Stillwater fishing is patchy now, typical of August. During hot weather the fish have been dinning at night, during cooler conditions we are catching better, as fish target pin fry and midges. This situation is likely to continue until autumn when water temperatures cool and fish have to work harder for their food.


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It’s Time For The Big One!

Posted on November 5th, 2015

lunker rainbow trout

Derek with a big autumn rainbow!

October and November to date, have produced superb fly fishing and it keeps getting better. Now the big fish are starting to show more consistently and it’s time to catch yourself a big one!

Top flies are currently black buzzers, bloodworm, stalking bugs and small fish imitations.

Our fly fishing/casting lessons and guided big trout/pike fishing is available daily throughout autumn and winter. If you need further motivation to get out fly fishing, checkout our updated winter fly fishing info, complete with a brand new video.

See you soon!

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Fly Fishing Report October 1st 2015

Posted on October 1st, 2015

The fly fishing is simply superb right now. Stillwaters are fishing well and rivers are on fire. All methods are producing fish, dries, nymphs and streamers. Checkout the selection of images from our lake and river days below: –

River Wye

Morning mist adds to the atmosphere of expectation as the day begins!

Wild river brown trout

Expectations fulfilled

First trout on fly

First day fly fishing, first trout on fly

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Fishing Report at September 9th 2015

Posted on September 9th, 2015

Autumn brown trout from river coln

Ian with his PB river brown we sight fished from a crystal clear river

The rivers have been the place to be recently, with quality trout falling to nymph and dry fly tactics. Some nice grayling too have been gracing our net on the Coln. With rivers beautifully clear, a favourite and highly productive tactic has been to sight fish. Locating feeding fish before casting means less fish spooked, more fish caught.

Lake fishing has been typically patchy, however, days are getting shorter and the fishing is gradually getting better. This trend is going to continue through to the year end now. All methods are producing fish, used at the appropriate time, the key is knowing when and where.

Looking forward we are going to have some very exciting fishing on both lake and river over the coming weeks and look forward to you joining us. If you don’t currently receive our newsletter, do yourself a favour, sign up using the form to your right!

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November Fishing Report 2014

Posted on November 28th, 2014

November fly fishing success

Guides day off. Steve enjoys grayling on the dry fly. Photo Don Stazicker.

Ultra mild weather resulted in fabulous fly fishing during November. Typically, less people want to go fishing in November, so with a little free time, we went out fishing ourselves a little more (see above photo). Yes, really, prolific dry fly fishing in mid November, fantastic! The nymph fishing was rather good too.

On the stillwaters, sport really took off. Plenty of fish and quality fish too, falling for completely opposite tactics. Trout were either full on fry feeding, with hectic feeding frenzies and quality streamer fishing or gently supping small dark midge pupa. Other than one tactic being rather exciting and energetic while the other is quite sedate, we caught well with both approaches at the right time.

Winning flies were Loynton Guineas in various colours, minkies, buzzers in black and gray. December looks like offering more of the same with slightly cooler temperatures. Hope to see you on the water!

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Fishing Report October 2014

Posted on October 27th, 2014

October Fly Fishing Report

We have taken a lot of these photos during October!

In September’s fishing report, I said “it remains a popular misconception that fly fishing ends around now”. Well if you needed proof that it actually gets much better, all I can say is October is delivering big time!

Our run of autumn courses were very well received by attendees and it’s great to see many of you waterside, putting into practice what you’ve learned and catching fish.

For much of October, buzzers have been the top producing flies, especially when fished smaller than most other anglers. In recent days the fry feeding activity has ramped up massively, providing some very exciting fishing. One day the trout hammered little roach, shoaling in the lake margins, the next they supped buzzers as I choked on the adult flies buzzing around me, such was the hatch density.

During filming for Fly Fishing Lessons TV last week, we tried various tactics with floating fry patterns. Our efforts produced plenty of attention, with trout charging the fly swirling all around it. Could we get them to eat the fly? No. Swapping to a subsurface fry pattern, saw several pristine rainbows to 5lbs succumb. You will see our antics in a forth coming episode.

We are currently booking lessons for mid November onwards. So whether you want to improve your stillwater fishing or tweak your fly casting, drop us a line to discuss your requirements.

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September 2014 Fishing Report

Posted on September 29th, 2014

Autumn Brown Trout

Will looking very pleased with his first trout on fly. Their were more before the day ended!

It remains a popular misconception that “the fly fishing season” comes to a close around this time of year. While that is true for river trout fishing, many other opportunities open up.

Right now the river fishing is going out with a bang, as trout feed up prior to spawning, providing great dry fly and nymph fishing. Stillwaters are getting better all the time right now, with most of our clients catching during September’s lessons. The outstanding success has been with buzzers, as we are seeing some fabulous hatches, resulting in hectic feeding activity at times.

The awesome news is, from now to Christmas stillwater fly fishing just gets better. We have some fantastic fishing experiences available, so come on out and enjoy!

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