April Fishing Report 2010

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Brown Trout from the Derbyshire Wye

I knew spring had finally arrived this month when someone mentioned it was nice to see me going brown and not blue! While weather has been far from settled, we’ve had warm days, calm days and days when the wind nearly blew us over, it has been an improvement on previous months.

On the rivers, the Wye has performed best early season, though dry fly sport has been patchy, changing from day to day. Nymphing has however consistently produced fish and as we move into May dry fly will become more and more productive. The Coln, has been much slower than usual to get going, just these last few days, we are seeing fly life lifting with olives, sedges, alder and hawthorn flies joining the midges, finally encouraging trout to the surface. Both waters have and will continue to offer increasingly fantastic sport, with fish like this.

Brown Trout from the Derbyshire Wye
A wild brown trout from the river Wye

Lakes have also performed well, we have huge midge hatches and currently at Loynton a massive number of hawthorn flies. This has provided great nymphing sport and we are now looking at some good dry fly opportunities. Clients are landing trout of top quality and high average size, both rainbow and brown. It’s been great to see so many fly fishers making the effort to further their skills with us and enjoy a good day out at the same time!

3lb Rainbow in top condition
Phil Displays a rainbow in prime condition

Looking to May, fly hatches will be exploding and remember nymph activity typically builds 4 weeks prior to main hatches. If dry fly is not working, nymph fishing will work. The Mayfly is nearly here and the Coln has big hatches during May. The prospect of this has us eager in anticipation. If you have not yet booked your spring trip, get in touch!

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