Autumn – A Great Time to Start Fly Fishing!

Starting Fly Fishing

Autumn is a fantastic time to start fly fishing. It’s great to be outdoors at this time of year and trout fishing on the lakes just gets better and better.

Learn to fly fish
You can start fly fishing with one of our courses or treat yourself to a private lesson.

The largest benefit of beginning to fly fish during Autumn is you have ten months of really good fishing ahead of you. Whenever you hit the water during this time, putting what you learn with us into practice, you have a great opportunity to catch trout. That’s certainly something to help your enthusiasm during the cooler days!

Your first lesson is, trout love cold water. To be successful you need to fish when they are feeding and Autumn is a prime time! So come join us on one of our beginners fly fishing courses or book a private lesson for yourself or group available daily.


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