Beginner Lands Huge Rainbow!

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Beginners Big Trout
Beginners Big Trout
18lbs 8oz Rainbow Trout for Tim James

Tim James has landed what is for many fly fisher,s a fish of a lifetime during his first day fly fishing! Taking a lesson with Midlands Fly Fishing at our Loynton Tout Fisheries base, Tim hooked the huge rainbow, his first ever fish on a fly, using a green and black buzzer fished in the margins.

After a 15 minute fight, the fish was netted and Tim could not believe his eye’s. “I did not know trout grew so big” and “I don’t believe such a big fish took such a tiny fly” were among his first words. Having congratulated Tim, MFF owner Steve Yeomans emphasized the exceptional nature of Tim’s capture and the fact that “they won’t all be this big you know!”

After his dramatic first encounter with trout on the fly, Tim enjoyed a celebratory  cup of tea in the fishing lodge while his hands stopped shaking. He is now committed to pursuing fly fishing as a hobby and has already developed great confidence in fishing buzzers, unsurprisingly.


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