December 2012 Fishing Report

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colourful, big, trophy rainbow trout
colourfull large  rainbow trout
Winter 2012 is prime time fly fishing for large trout!

With rivers continually blown out in recent weeks, lakes have offered sanctuary to fly fishers in need of a fishing fix. At this time of year the smaller to medium size stillwater fisheries offer great fly fishing opportunities. It’s really a question of deciding what you want from your fishing, then choosing a venue to suit.

With low water temperatures and high oxygen levels, most lakes remaining open for fishing, provide action with rainbows fighting above their weight. Recent lessons at Loynton Fisheries have provided numbers of trout from 3-7lbs to successful students. Most of the time all we’ve needed is a lure in 2-4 colours, blood worm and buzzers in black and grey. The real secret to success is knowing when, where and how to fish them in varying conditions. Lets just say the people who took a lesson now do!

If you crave catching large trout, this winter is prime time to achieve your goal. With ample water supply and overall mild weather, trout have packed weight on and the big trout waters have plenty of really big fish. Premier big trout lakes are the waters to head for. Yes they are more expensive, however the number one rule to catching large fish is, fish where the big fish are. Some top, recommended waters are: –

  • Dever Springs
  • Avington
  • Lechlade
  • Loynton

These venues consistently produce numbers of double figure trout, often fish to over 20lbs at this time of year. Read our tips forĀ targeting big trout on fly here.

It’s great to see fly fishing for pike becoming so popular. Mild weather following the pre-Christmas cold snap, triggered a predator feeding frenzy on many waters. Look for weather changes like this, then hit the water to reap the rewards.

Winter pike fly fishing
Steve with a cracking pike well into double figures & grinning like an evil pixie!


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