Fishing Report at 10th August 2016

Fishing Reports

Summer river fly fishing for brown trout
Summer river fly fishing for brown trout
Spotted, stalked and caught on a dry fly. The joy of summer fly fishing for wild brown trout.

Summer fly fishing on the Derbyshire Wye remains good. The water has remained clear and the sight fishing is so much fun right now. Hatches of up winged flies and caddis, plus spinner falls and terrestrial insects are encouraging trout to feed at the surface. When they don’t, we switch to nymph fishing.

Stillwater fishing is patchy now, typical of August. During hot weather the fish have been dinning at night, during cooler conditions we are catching better, as fish target pin fry and midges. This situation is likely to continue until autumn when water temperatures cool and fish have to work harder for their food.



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