Fishing Report at 30th April 2014

Fishing Reports

Spring fly fishing success
Spring fly fishing success
Spring fly fishing success

We’ve enjoyed great fly fishing during April. On the lakes great success has been enjoyed by our guests regardless of experience as our fly fishing courses, 121 tuition and corporate fly fishing days proved popular. Right now we have fabulous buzzer hatches, olives, spring crane flies and large numbers of hawthorns attracting trout to the surface. Exciting stuff!

River fishing has started well. Dry fly has proved successful most days during hatches of olives and stoneflies, with nymph fishing tactics most productive overall. Guests have encountered quality brown and rainbow trout and the good news is, it only gets better now, with more and more dry fly.

Looking forward, we have Mayfly hatches on all waters. This means clients wanting to experience Mayfly fishing on still or running water have a five week window from the second week of May the second week of June. Contact us here for details.


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