Fishing Report at 6th June 2017

Fishing Reports

Beginners fly fishing success
Beginners fly fishing success
One of many clients catching their first trout only fly with MFF!

The May/June period is always a great time to be waterside, this year is no different. Our stillwater fly fishing lessons and courses have proved hugely successful once again this Spring, with good catches made too. As I write it’s blowing a gale and we’ve had lots of heavy rain in the past 24 hours, while we might not like it, most waterways and trout will be appreciative. This will help keep the fishing good as we move into summer.

While our Spring/Summer courses are sold out, we have private lessons available daily. If you want to join a course, Autumn courses are booking now, so get in touch to talk dates.

Beginners fly fishing success
Dave with one of several stunning brown trout caught during a guided chalk stream trip!

On the rivers, the season proper is in full swing, with excellent dry fly fishing. Our guided chalk stream fishing has been in great demand during the Mayfly period, where clients have enjoyed excellent fly fishing. On the river Wye in Derbyshire the fishing has been excellent and we are in the middle of Mayfly here. The great thing on the Wye is, it does not matter whether you fish at Mayfly time or not, the dry fly fishing is so good, you can come anytime from May to October and have a good time!

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