Fishing Report April 2011


Beginners fly fishing
Beginners fly fishing
Sun, smiles and fine trout in a great location. A perfect way to start fly fishing!

April has been perfect. Fine weather bringing forward insect hatches, fabulous fly fishing on lake and river, plus lots of happy clients here at Midlands Fly Fishing.


Simply stunning fishing with huge buzzer hatches and the most abundant number of hawthorn fly we’ve seen in 5 years. Excellent action to a range of nymphs including buzzers, bloodworm, diawl bach, ptn, damsels, plus good dry fly at timesĀ  with F fly, shuttlecocks, hawthorn, foam beetles.


Low, clear water for the time of year continues to be productive to summer style tactics, with lighter outfits. Fly hatches have certainly been more abundant over the past 10 days as I write, increasing dry fly opportunities. Nymph fishing to sighted trout has been highly productive and extremely exciting!

River Wye Brown Trout
A fine Derbyshire Wye trout.


We are looking forward to another busy month, ever increasing fly hatches and the start of the annual spectacle that is Mayfly time. If you’ve not booked your May trip yet, we do have some availability to improve your stillwater techniques, experience early mayfly fishing on a chalkstream or join us in pursuit of pike on the fly, our fishing resumes this month!

Hope to see you soon.

MFF Team


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