Fishing Report at 15th July 2015

Fishing Reports

summer rainbow trout
summer rainbow trout
Dave with a nice summer rainbow that provided the perfect end to his lesson with Steve.

We are now well into the most challenging 2 months of the year for stillwater fly fishing. As you can see above however, trout are still there to be caught. Dries, nymphs, wet fly and lure tactics have all produced on the day according to conditions. Typically, early and later in the day are best, with opportunities throughout the day during cooler, dull weather conditions.

On the rivers, sport is lighting up, with great nymph and dry fly fishing, particularly on the Wye. While excellent olive and caddis hatches bring fish to the surface, the larder of terrestrial fly life (beetles, ants, spiders, etc) in surrounding undergrowth is prolific. When the wind blows and they end up on the water, trout are soon onto them. Subsurface, olive and stonefly nymphs, caddis grubs and shrimp are doing the business.


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