Fishing Report at April 8th 2022

Fishing Reports

Spring Trout on Fly

The early weeks of spring have given us conditions as diverse as mid winter and mid summer, plus everything in between. So typical early spring! Clients joining us for private lessons and our very popular beginners courses have enjoyed a fabulous time at Loynton Lakes, as you can see from the above photo. General lure and nymph fishing approaches have been very effective. Milder days are seeing fish feed at or close to the surface, with a fish or two falling to dry fly under the right conditions.

Early Spring River Success

Mid March saw our river trout fishing season start in Derbyshire. Conditions have suited nymph fishing tactics predominantly so far, though on many days, short spells during early afternoon have seen olive hatches and rising fish. A quick switch to dry fly has produced some fast and furious sport, that seems over all too soon. That will change for the better during coming weeks when surface fishing takes hold proper, we look forward to sharing that with you!

Best fishes,

MFF Team.


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