Fishing Report at March 8th 2019

Fishing Reports

First Trout on Fly!
First Trout on Fly!
It’s a great time to start fly fishing. Here Andrew displays his first trout on fly.

The spectacularly mild weather through February and early March has provided epic stillwater fly fishing. Beginners and fly fishers seeking to improve have joined us waterside. Lure and nymph fishing tactics are productive right now, with bloodworm, buzzers, general purpose nymph patterns and fry imitations being top flies to use.

As spring progresses the fishing is going to get better and better, with dry fly fishing becoming a key and fun feature as insect hatches really get going. Later this month our rivers start to open up for a new trout season too. We are looking forward to another epic season on our favourite streams and hope to see you waterside.


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