Fishing Report at May 29th 2019

Fishing Reports

first trout
Jack worked hard on a tough day to put into practice what he learned. He’s clearly pleased with the end result, his first trout on fly!

The month of May is always full of so many fly fishing opportunities exploding into being all at once. 2019 has been no different!

Like Jack pictured above, many people have joined us to begin their fly fishing journey this month. Similarly, we’ve helped fly fishers attain new skills and try new experiences.

Stillwaters have been superb. Arguably at their best for imitative fishing with nymph and dry fly. Buzzers, general sparse nymph patterns like a PTN, sparse black wet flies like a b&P spider and dry flies like the F fly, shuttlecock, foam beetle, mayfly and daddy are all producing well.

We are right now, smack in the middle of our Mayfly season. Whether river or lake fishing, it’s always great fun to fish the mayfly hatch, however it’s important to remember it’s just one opportunity within the whole year.

Like the lakes rivers are firing on all cylinders right now and we have hosted people on several rivers and chalkstreams. With prolific fly hatches right now is a great time to experience river fly fishing. Dry fly and nymph fishing is superb and at this time of year, many general, simple patterns work very well. F flies, Adams, PTN, HE nymph, etc are all producing along with every mayfly imitation created.

We look forward to this bountiful fly fishing continuing through June, so come join us by the water!


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