Fishing Report at October 12th 2018

Fishing Reports

River Wye Rainbow
River Wye Rainbow
A fine example of quality trout caught during the last weeks of of the river season.

Our 2018 river trout season has now closed and what a season it has been. As you can see from the image above, clients enjoyed action with some superb fish! We’ve guided many experienced fly fishers looking for a good day waterside and a little advancement in knowledge, plus coached numerous people fly fishing rivers for the first time and many more somewhere in between.

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Right now however, it’s the stillwater fly fishing that is on the up, with the promise of better and better fishing to come for the remainder of 2018.

First trout on fly
First trout on fly!

Autumn is a fabulous time to start fly fishing. The lake fishing is productive and you have months of good fishing to enjoy and practice ahead of you. It’s also a great time for more experienced fly fishers to target fry feeders and large trout, both very visual, exciting experiences. Any opportunity to catch a fish from the surface on dry fly is worth making the most of now, as temperatures cool fishing will focus more and more on nymph and lure techniques.

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