Fishing Report at August 3rd 2017

Fishing Reports

summer river fly fishing success
summer river fly fishing success
Andy with a nice brown trout on the Derbyshire Wye.

Typically Stillwater fly fishing for trout has become more challenging as summer progresses and our focus has been on the learning element here while coaching clients. Having said that, fishing is certainly not impossible, fish are being caught, you just get less chances right now. Once water temperatures and hence food supply drops in autumn, fishing will pick up, meantime hang in their everyone, especially those of you new to fly fishing!

Now is the time for a quality fishing experience on rivers. Our focus on spring fed rivers such as the Derbyshire Wye, offers excellent fishing opportunities for fly fishers seeking a quality guided fly fishing experience or a river fly fishing lesson.

Great dry fly and nymph fishing in clear water is available right now. If you struggle to catch in summer let us show you how.

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