Fishing Report at December 20th 2018

Fishing Reports

fly fishing at sunset
fly fishing at sunset
A stunning sunset. Now is the perfect time to target fry feeding trout!

December is proving to be a fabulous time waterside. You get to witness spectacular sunsets and enjoy the visual sensation of quality trout chasing small fish for their supper! Sometimes those trout prove to be very large indeed!

17lb rainbow caught at dusk
Last cast of the day brought this awesome rainbow and big smiles!

At this time of year, it’s very much about being in place at the right time, making the right choice. Feeding activity often occurs in short bursts, on and off through the day. Trout typically wanting either a large meal or lots of small bites, rather like us, full on Christmas dinner or party food nibbles!

We’ve been out with clients helping them not just enjoy some good fishing, but also enabling them to figure out the “WHEN” “WHERE” and “HOW” themselves. After all that is what will progress your fishing, maximising your enjoyment from that precious time waterside!

Wishing you a fabulous Christmas & happy New Year!



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