Fishing Report Early 2012

Fishing Reports

Winter pike fly fishing

January provided us with excellent trout and pike fly fishing, plus grayling. Days have been taken up with casting lessons for clients wanting to brush up or prepping for a destination trip.

We’ve also conducted a number of lessons for those of you wanting to refine your fly fishing skills, which is great to see. It feels fantastic to help people make a huge leap in their performance, enjoyment and success, often with only minor, though crucial modifications to their fishing.

Pike fly fishing has been fantastic, with many clients catching numbers of fish, well into double figures. We enjoyed some downtime also, landing numerous toothy critters, awesome fun!

Winter pike fly fishing

Early February’s cold snap iced most lakes, limiting operations to casing lessons, practice (yes we do practice ourselves) and tying flies. Looking forward, fishing for trout and pike is going off the scale once a thaw sets in. As for grayling fishing, the last four weeks of the season offer a great chance for big fish, let’s hope weather conditions play ball!



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