Fishing Report Early Autumn 2023

Fishing Reports

summer river wild brown trout

Late summer into early autumn continues to provide good river fly fishing, with clients enjoying success using a variety of nymph and dry fly strategies. There is such an abundant diversity of insect life on the river now, fly selection can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, most of the time trout are happy to feed diversely too. So don’t get bogged down with what to use unless you have to.

Good options are parachute and F fly style patterns for dries and PTN or HE nymphs weighted and unweighted, all with some size and colour variations.We have only 4 weeks remaining of river trout fishing in 2023. The browns will be spawning shortly after that and need to feed up. Further reason not to worry too much about fly selection. Get out and make the most of the remaining time! We have a few dates remaining if you would like to join us.

Just as we started to see some improvement in stillwater fishing, we have another mini heatwave, putting sport on the lakes back. While fishing is slow on the lakes, it’s been a great time for people to learn in preparation for autumn fishing ahead. Remember fly fishing on lakes will only get better as autumn progresses, a comforting thought with the end of our river season in sight! We are really looking forward to helping people succeed with dry fly, nymph and streamer techniques on the lakes during the coming months. This short video shows a snippet of the fun you can have!

Best fishes!

MFF Team


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