Fishing Report for May and Early June 2023

Fishing Reports

As the weather slowly warmed week by week, so fly life became more abundant and trout responded. Stillwater fishing hit a sweet spot where fishing is good and weather is very pleasant to be outdoors perfecting your fly fishing. This is great because lakes are a great place to start your fly fishing journey and hone new skills, in addition to providing fabulous fly fishing. Dry fly fishing has been good, nymph fishing provided the bulk of lake action though, with buzzers, mayfly nymph, damsels diawl bach, PTN and HE nymphs prolific fish catchers.

Large river brown trout
Quality browns on dry flies are so much fun!

Our river fishing also improved with weather conditions and as I type we are enjoying the latter stages of mayfly time. While cold winds suppressed surface sport most days, finding sheltered areas of river found flies hatching and fish rising. Nymph fishing has also been productive. With water conditions low and clear now, the best of the season’s fishing is starting in our opinion.

Nothing beats spotting, stalking and catching sighted trout in clear water with small flies. Highly exciting fun, requiring anglers to execute on their core skills and keep the butterflies flying in formation! To join us chasing high quality river browns, checkout our river fly fishing here.

We look forward to seeing you waterside!


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