Fishing Report for November 2019

Fishing Reports

Winter Fly Fishing Success
Winter Fly Fishing Success
My trout is bigger than your trout! Having fun learning to fly fish.

How many people say “how miserable the weather is” at this time of year? Well the trout are loving it and so are we. Suit up and hit the water, it’s much more fun than shopping.

Good general advice for late autumn and winter fly fishing on the stillwaters, is to go with lures/streamers early and late, switching to nymphs for the warmer part of the day. A dry fly is far from useless, especially when used in combination with a nymph or two. Just see how many more bites you notice with this setup!

Good flies have been a variety of fry based patterns, cats whisker, etc. For nymph fishing, a range of buzzers, bloodworm, HE and PTN, diawl bach style flies, plus a simple shuttle cock or parachute dry is all you need.

After that it’s all about when, where and getting the fly there!

Have fun



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