Fishing Report January 2011

Fishing Reports

17lb rainbow caught at dusk
17lb rainbow caught at dusk
Last cast of the day brought this awesome rainbow and big smiles!

Once ice free, lakes provided epic fly fishing during January. Clients enjoyed good catches, with trout in top condition, providing jaw dropping fights for all. During mild spells we also found a few pike in the mood to chomp our flies in crystal clear water.

Despite continuing cold spells, subsequent milder weather brought the predatory nature of rainbow trout and pike to the fore. While typical winter favorites such as cats whisker often worked, more educated fish required flies which more closely resembled  prey fish species of the day.

Most days also saw midge hatches  at some point from 11.30AM onwards. Bloodworm, scruffy buzzers and taddy buzzers caught well at these times.

River fishing for grayling improved as the month progressed and waterways recovered from an influx of snow melt. January’s grayling fishing has been confined to nymphing, often fishing a heavy bug in conjunction with a much smaller nymph, either N.Z. or Czech nymph style. Pink shrimps, bloodworm, PTN, wire midge and BB bug have all been successful.

Looking forward it’s time to enjoy late season grayling and pike action as both feed up prior to spawning. February and early March offer the prospect of huge fish, the perfect reason to take a guided trip and let us put you on the fish!

It’s also time to look ahead and start planning your spring trout fishing. Our Derbyshire fishing season starts on March 18th while the Coln fishing opens on April 1st. Whether you just want a great day’s fly fishing or improve your river skills in 2011, we have you covered. Call or email to chat through your wish list!

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