Fishing Report July 2010

Fishing Reports

Big chalk stream brown trout

July saw lots of clients having lots of fun, learning lots of new stuff and catching lots of fish! Does it get much better? Check out the details below.


Big chalk stream brown trout
Bryce Butner with his best of several browns at 4.5lbs landed during a guided river trip.

Bryce just edged the best fish of July with the cracking brown trout he was rather excited about above. A possible contender for fish of the season especially if you catch her at the season’s end! By that time this fine lady will have packed on some weight munching on large numbers of caddis and shrimp.

Several other clients experienced encounters with large fish as both the river Coln and Wye fished well. Some very exciting caddis and terrestrial fishing and heart pumping sight fishing with both dries and nymphs produced fish, enjoyment and development of anglers skills day after day. Well done everyone!


First day trout
Nikki showed the guys how to do it, landing this cracking rainbow on her first day and in tough conditions!

Lake fishing was better than expected, though variable from day to day. While it was tough for beginners at times many still caught as shown by Nikki above.

Several clients returned for lessons in how to tackle tough summer fishing conditions, everyone picking up knowledge and skills that will continue their fly fishing development. All were highly successful in putting those skills into practice landing numbers of good trout. Richard Withnall summed up his trip with Steve saying “You’ve just made my life! I’ve learnt more in 1 day than the previous 10 years.” Richard also caught a new personal best rainbow to cap it.

What more can we say? Book your fly fishing lesson today!

Looking to August

Pin fry, damsels, caddis and corixa will be key prey items for stillwater trout during August. As predicted for July a mixture of attractor patterns and slim nymphs with a touch of sparkle will work well as a team. However a single fly approach with damsels and corixa in the margins can work wonders when fish are feeding hard.

Rivers will be responding well to a careful approach with small nymphs, terrestrial dries and caddis with a myriad of other species thrown in for good measure. Keep your eyes peeled for what trout are actually taking rather than the flies you would like them to take (i.e. larger ones).

Best Fishes

MFF Team


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