Fishing Report June 2021

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June Fly Fishing

June is a hectic month and this year has been typical we are delighted to say. It’s been fantastic to share time waterside with so many people, catching up with familiar faces and meeting new ones.

Fly fishing lakes was a month of 2 halves. First half of June saw action slow dramatically in classic high summer weather. Conditions for trout fishing improved and the last two weeks have provided steady sport for clients during our courses and private lessons. For the rest of summer, our recommended option for beginners and Stillwater anglers looking to improve is our half day 1-2-1 fly fishing lesson.

Currently we are enjoying success with damsel nymphs, buzzers, beetles and a variety of dry flies. While many people talk about dry fly fishing, few practice it on lakes. When conditions are right (and they have been in recent days) it’s highly effective and a lot of fun. This latter point has been very much confirmed by a number of clients excitement as they watch a fish eat their fly at the surface!

River fly fishing in June
River fly fishing in June.

River fly fishing has been absolutely fantastic throughout. The mayfly hatch generally was a little later and remained active all month to some degree. We enjoyed many successes, with guests landing personal best fish, catching their 1st fish on fly, learning new skills, etc. The end of mayfly however is far from the end. The dry fly and nymph fishing opportunities during the coming weeks and months are epic and we look forward to sharing them with many of you. For fly fishers looking for a special day, consider our guided river fishing.

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