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Wild Brown Trout

My favorite month of the year passes in a blur of fly hatches, fish, fishing and guiding, not to mention the wonders of nature which surround us during our forays waterside. Bird life, rabbits, foxes, badgers, deer and all the wild flowers of spring put on a fabulous display during May. How was the fishing though, you ask? In a slightly new format here’s May 2010 in summary.


Spring Wild Brown Trout

The Derbyshire Wye has been typically kind to us, rewarding our perseverance and at times dammed hard work. Small flies and light lines have been the name of the game in very clear low water conditions. With no appreciable rain fall for 10 weeks many visiting anglers have struggled to make the most of this wonderful fishery. Our clients on the other hand have fared well, with good sport to nymph and as temperatures rose, dry fly became gradually more consistent. Nick shown above enjoyed a typical day, landing 9 fine trout to a mixture of flies, stalking each and everyone. We also lost a fish of the season contender, my estimated weight of which I’m not going to write here. We will get her next time Nick!

On the Coln, it has taken much longer for the water to settle this year, it is still holding a tinge of colour even now, hampering sight fishing, though careful observation and patient stalking has brought good sport. Mayfly hatches have been sporadic, only really getting going over the last few days. The persistent northerly wind that has driven us mad with frustration most of the month has I fancy pushed mayfly back considerably. Great news for those of you booked with us in early June!

Looking forward into June, the 1st 2 weeks will  bring some great mayfly fishing, lifting big trout to feed at the surface. We have 2 late vacancies for river Coln fishing as I write so contact us to grab a last minute chance! Wye fishing is booked up until July, though you can contact us and be added to our waiting list for June in case of a cancellation.

Mayfly is but 1 part of a complex equation however, and hatches of olives, iron blues, midge, sedges and stone flies will provide ample great fishing throughout the month. It’s time to think about summer fishing and if you have not already done so, set up a river trip with us.


Beginners Fly Fishing Success!

Our stillwater bases have really performed well in May. Yes the odd day was tricky, however their was always action and most days clients had a ball with some red hot nymph fishing. Just check out the guys pictured above showing 4 great rainbows from a 12 fish catch on their first day fly fishing. We fished Loynton Fisheries in superb conditions, the fish caught averaging over 4lbs.

Another client suffered several very fast apparently un-hittable takes during a trip at Watermark to improve his fly fishing. Having shown him a minor change to his set up Mark had six fish in six casts, all to small nymphs fished correctly. Moral of the story, fish your flies right for the conditions and let the fish tell you how they want it. Fish any other way and you might as well not bother!

On Stillwaters June will see fishing gradually become harder for trout as water temperatures lift and food abundance explodes. Summer stillwater trout fishing is not a waste of time though, you simply need to approach it right. If summer sees you struggle, maybe 2010 is the summer to learn hands on how to make the most of your lake fly fishing? Get in touch by phone or email to discuss your trip.

Alternative species come to the fore during summer to, with both carp and pike providing very exciting fly fishing. Having already landed a few carp to warm up this spring, the adrenalin is really pumping at the prospect of a hot summer of fly fishing!

Tight Lines



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