Fishing Report May 9th 2024

Fishing Reports

Fly fisher hooked up in Spring!

Our lessons on the lakes have been highly productive for clients during recent weeks while rivers ran high. In recent days, rivers at long last have come into there own as nature quickly catches up! Good fly life on lake and river are getting fish feeding up in the water. On the lakes, a bounty of beetles, midges and olives are active along with a few spring daddies. On the river, various olives are a key target for the trout right now. Not many hawthorn fly about this season it seems, but an abundance of beetles are making up for that.

On lake or river dries and nymphs in black and olive of an appropriate size are getting it done right now. Obviously other things will work, however this is a good rule of thumb with which to make a start. Keep in mind, things will change as we move forward!

Have Fun!!

Steve & Andrea.


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