Fishing Report Mid December 2022

Fishing Reports

Lakes were frozen solid.

As I write it’s -5C, lakes are are frozen and our Stillwater trout fishing is on pause. On the plus side, when it thaws (which looks likely to be early next week at the moment) fishing will be epic as ice out triggers feeding during that key time of 11AM-3PM. Rivers remain free flowing too and conditions have been good for grayling using various nymph fishing styles with shrimp and beadhead style flies.

winter grayling fly fishing

Prior to freezing clients were enjoying some fabulous action as trout fed aggressively on small fish and also took really small nymphs gently. This has been great as it enables us to help people improve a wide range of fly fishing techniques while also having a high probability of catching. During winter trout fight well above their weight, thriving in the cold oxygen rich water they love. It’s a quieter time for us not because fishing is poor, just less people realise how good it can be. So if layering up and getting outdoors is your thing, we have a great offer on lessons during winter right now!

big winter brown trout
This could be you!


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