Fishing Report Mid May 2021

Fishing Reports

It’s been a busy time since we exited lockdown in late March, and we are very thankful for that. Lessons, courses, guided days and group days for up to 5 people are all running successfully in accordance with Covid guidance.

Fishing wise, the lakes are fishing well with the cooler weather. We’ve had a massive amount of buzzers hatching and hawthorn flies falling onto the water, both have bought fish close to the surface, providing fun fishing. Most days black, sparse flies have done the business.

On the river, fishing has been steady. The season seems a little behind average years, purely due to the cold spring. Clients are getting plenty of takes however and some good fish. Nymph and dry fly tactics are scoring well. Right now we have the largest hawthorn fly fall I’ve ever seen on the Wye! Hatches have been mainly PM thus far, that will change fast when temperatures lift a little more. Then it’s dry flies all the way if you like!

Hope to see you waterside.

MFF Team


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