Fishing Report November 2011

Fishing Reports

successful fly fishing lesson!
successful fly fishing lesson!

With an average temperature over 10C warmer than this time in 2010, it’s been great to see so many of you enjoying the great fly fishing over at Loynton Trout Fisheries! We’ve been busy with lessons and sport overall has been excellent. Trout have been swapping between sipping buzzers and smashing roach shoals, perfect for learning to fly fish or the finer points of lure and nymph fishing.

We’ve also been introducing people to the delights of fly fishing for pike. Everyone has been amazed how achievable this actually is once you see you don’t have to be a casting god to enjoy pike on fly!

pike on fly
Their have been plenty of these to play with this month!

Tight lines, screaming reels!

MFF Team


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