Fishing Report October 2014

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October Fly Fishing Report
October Fly Fishing Report
We have taken a lot of these photos during October!

In September’s fishing report, I said “it remains a popular misconception that fly fishing ends around now”. Well if you needed proof that it actually gets much better, all I can say is October is delivering big time!

Our run of autumn courses were very well received by attendees and it’s great to see many of you waterside, putting into practice what you’ve learned and catching fish.

For much of October, buzzers have been the top producing flies, especially when fished smaller than most other anglers. In recent days the fry feeding activity has ramped up massively, providing some very exciting fishing. One day the trout hammered little roach, shoaling in the lake margins, the next they supped buzzers as I choked on the adult flies buzzing around me, such was the hatch density.

During filming for Fly Fishing Lessons TV last week, we tried various tactics with floating fry patterns. Our efforts produced plenty of attention, with trout charging the fly swirling all around it. Could we get them to eat the fly? No. Swapping to a subsurface fry pattern, saw several pristine rainbows to 5lbs succumb. You will see our antics in a forth coming episode.

We are currently booking lessons for mid November onwards. So whether you want to improve your stillwater fishing or tweak your fly casting, drop us a line to discuss your requirements.


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