Fishing Report September 2010

Fishing Reports

Blown and Washed from the water today, it seems a great time to summarize our September fly fishing and look forward to October’s prospects. Excuse the temporary lack of images, technical problems. No I’ve not dropped the camera into the drink again!

September, the last full month of the river trout season, has been dominated by river fishing, big surprise eh? Everyone has enjoyed awesome action, with plenty of fish. Two days last week topped everything when clients landed 20+ and 30+ fish respectively on the Wye! Several large trout were landed between 3 – 4lbs during the climax to the river season, with nymphs and dry fly effective.

As expected lakes improved by the week, masses of crane flies bringing trout on the feed high in the water especially during blustery conditions. Ample nymph activity made for some fine imitative fishing and in the Cotswolds water clarity was superb for stalking individual trout.


October commences our grayling fly fishing on the rivers. This year we have an extended range of locations covering Derbyshire, Gloucestershire and Hampshire with prime chalkstream and freestone rivers for you to choose from. This not only means greater convenience for you traveling to fish with us, you can also experience a wider diversity of fishing environments, tactical approaches and of course great fishing. You will find lots of information on grayling and our fishing through the season via the link above. As always drop us a line to discuss your own requirements.

We are looking forward to pike fly fishing this month. Sessions during September proved fruitful and we are seeing increasing activity as pike stock up. With several trips already planned during October, it’s a good idea to book ahead. If the prospect of casting monster flies and 10 weight outfits puts you off, here’s some great news, you don’t have to! 8 and 9 weight outfits and smaller flies are easier to handle and highly productive.

As lake fishing continues to improve we have a busy schedule of fly fishing tuition ahead. October still has opportunities to practice dry fly, nymph and lure techniques, while bringing the onset of “fry bashing” season along with superb opportunities to patiently stalk large rainbow and brown trout as they once more hunt lake margins.

October fishing has a wide diversity of opportunities for the modern fly fisher, why not try something new this year?

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MFF Team


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