Fishing Report Summer 2012

Fishing Reports

A 3lb wild brown trout from Derbyshire's rive Wye.
A 3lb wild brown trout from Derbyshire's rive Wye.
A stunning 3lb wild brown taken on a dry caddis.

Looking back, it’s hard to believe we were so concerned about water shortages for summer! River fishing has been and continues to be fantastic. Clients have enjoyed some memorable river fishing, with good numbers of trout and some really special individual fish like the big wild brown trout above. Best of all many of the larger fish are coming to dry fly tactics.

With the last few weeks of the river trout season approaching, fishing is only going to get better. Want to end your 2012 season on a high note? We still have some September availability, call or email for latest availability.

Early summer saw very productive fly fishing on the lakes, however once we hit late July, fishing predictably became tougher. Midge hatches and pin fry concentrations have been huge. This combined with extensive night feeding leads to very lazy unpredictable feeding trout. Get your fly right in front of them and you are in the game, otherwise you are not. Evening fishing has been fantastic when the rise has happened. Most of the time conditions have been against the evening rise and sometimes the fish frustratingly did not play ball even when conditions looked perfect.

Fortunately autumn will see conditions start to favor us fly fishers once more. One thing is for sure, targeting fry feeding trout sure is going to be great fun again in 2012.

Hope to see you soon!



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