Fly Fishing Report at 12th October 2017

Fishing Reports

autumn fly fishing opportunities on lake and river.

We are right in the middle of autumn, our river trout season has just ended with a bang and Stillwater fishing is getting better by the week as water temperature drops and food availability reduces.

Our river trout fishing ended as normal, little competition for our clients in the form of other anglers and loads of trout bulking up prior to winter and spawning. Result, some awesome fly fishing to both dry fly and nymph. For you early birds, we are taking bookings for season 2018 starting April.

The Stillwater fly fishing on the other hand is just starting it’s highly productive season. Water temperatures are good for the trout and they are hitting fry, sipping buzzers, slapping down crane flies and slashing at sedges. The opportunities are ample to both catch and learn. In addition to the trout, we’ve been helping many people prepare for salmon fishing trips, advising on gear and tweaking spey casting technique. At the same time some salmon sized trout are being caught on the lakes.

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