Fly Fishing Report at 13th November 2017

Fishing Reports

big brown trout fry feeding
big brown trout fry feeding
Stunning autumn brown caught fry feeding.

Since the close of our river trout season, we’ve mainly focused on Stillwater trout and pike fly fishing. Both species are top predators and streamer fishing has been epic, with clients catching quality trout to around 7lbs along with pike to around 11lbs.

Not all trout fishing is about big flies, many days we’ve caught fish using nymphing techniques, presenting mostly midge pupa and bloodworm imitations to good effect, with a few fish still willing to take a dry fly too.

Many days are more about the learning for our clients, it’s great to work with people to introduce them to the sport and even better to subsequently help them grow as fly fishers. So, many days are taken up with casting lessons, technique specific tuition and refining existing fly fishing skills.

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