Get Fit for Fishing!

Fly Fishing Tips

If January sees you join thousands of people starting new fitness regimes, well done! Fly fishing is one of the most technically demanding pastimes going, requiring high levels of concentration for periods of time, for you to perform at your best. Given the fact that improved fitness massively improves your ability to concentrate, among many other pluses, working out is going to help you on the water.

For a long time, I have been a big believer in fitness for fishing. While many people may see the sport as rather passive, I don’t. Fly fishing and fishing as a whole is what you make of it. Whether I’m riverside or patrolling a lake, I often walk miles, it’s part of my day.

Even standing for longer periods of time requires stamina. During a full day waterside, it’s noticeable how people’s performance can start to slide late in the day due to fatigue. A balance of improved aerobic fitness, flexibility and strength is going to improve your stamina, help you reach hard access locations that often receive less fishing pressure, help your casting control, in addition to your improved mental toughness. Bottom line, you fish better and have more fun.

Oh another side effect of getting fit to fish, is you feeling and looking much better too.  If you need more convincing, checkout Matt’s great blog post here!

I’m off to the gym:-)



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