July 2011 Fishing Report

Fishing Reports

A fine 6lb rainbow trout


A fine 6lb rainbow trout
Ben with his best rainbow of 6lbs landed during a day at Loynton Fisheries with SY!

July is always an unpredictable month for stillwater fly fishing, and so it proved again this year. Days when everything looks perfect prove tough going, then you get a cloudless, hot, still, humid day, expecting a hard time and the trout go mad. One thing is sure, nothing is certain!

The different lakes we utilize all have extensive deep water areas, meaning trout populations can always find comfortable water in which to remain healthy and feed actively. These lakes are very rich in food content and diversity, result, at this time of year feeding fish fill their bellies fast, then rest up. Hence, even during perfect conditions, you to have persevere in order to locate and capture feeding fish.

Yes it can be frustrating, however you learn a lot while you’re working everything out and when those fish strike, the feeling of achievement is unsurpassed. It’s also fun just being waterside when the sun shines and very productive conditions in which to learn as many people have found during July.


River Wye Rainbow
Nice Bow from the River Wye

July has been a joy on the rivers, with enough rain to freshen them up, then increasingly settled, warm weather, providing good fly hatches and terrestrial falls too. Find out more about our dry fly fishing fun here!

Caddis, suspender buzzer, klinkhammer, HE emmerger, griffiths gnat and a pale olive parachute have been top dries. Olive nymph and ptn were top fish catchers when trout were nymphing.

August’s Fishing

We are looking forward to more of the same and to meeting you waterside!

Hopefully current weather conditions hold and we get more quality dry fly fishing for carp also, they were very active during July.

Tight Lines

Team MFF


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