June Fishing Report 2011

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Fabulous river brown trout caught on dry fly
Fabulous river brown trout caught on dry fly
Superb dry fly caught brown trout!

The constantly unsettled weather during June led to mixed fortunes in terms of fish numbers caught. Having said that, most beginners saw action with hard fighting rainbows and all but two river trips went very well, with numbers of trout landed.


Most days trout fed voraciously at times, within the top two feet. Either they wanted small nymphs and dries in this zone or they chased and smashed bright lures in yellow, orange or pink. A very big change of feeding indeed! Other times you just had to follow them down with sinking lines and a mix of attractor and nymph often pulled fish in.

We also ran a couple of successful pike days during June, with several pike smashing flies on both occasions.  Some fish even came to the surface to explode at poppers, highly visual, adrenalin charged fishing and awesome fun. Carp are also on the move and we look forward to guiding more carp fly fishing trips this summer. Look out for more info and reports on these in coming weeks!


As you can see in the above image, June provided some good river fly fishing, despite low water conditions during much of the month. Dry fly action was patchy, with short spells of action followed by a switch back to nymph as conditions changed. However numbers of superb trout to 3.5lbs were the result of patient fishing by clients, all of whom learned much and were thrilled by sight fishing.

Productive dry flies were, caddis, stonefly, Adams parachute, Klinkhammers, sherry spinner, foam beetles, F fly and suspender nymphs. Nymph wise, a mixture of beaded and non beaded nymphs in brown, black, olive and green worked well.

Forward View

July and August are always the most challenging months of the year for trout fishing on lakes due to massive food availability and higher water temperatures in the surface layers. Here we have options and are encouraging you all to be open minded and experiment. Fishing at or near the surface is going to be best early and late in the day given favorable weather. This does not mean the remainder of the day is a written off!

With the huge array of modern fly lines now available, waters with sufficient depth and spring flow can be searched thoroughly to locate feeding trout. The key here is picking your water then having the correct lines and knowledge of how to use them most effectively. This is not mindless cast and pull fishing, it’s considered, skillful fishing, requiring patience. Get it right and the rewards are success and a great buzz it is too!

Warm water species like carp are stunning fun at this time with dry fly and nymph fishing to sighted fish making for hugely fun experiences. If watching fish of 10-30lbs approach your fly, take, then charge off, making your reel scream, does not spice up your summer fishing, we suggest checking your pulse!

River fishing will be a mixture of nymph and dry fly, with micro flies coming into play during low water conditions. It’s time to loose your fear of small flies! That does not mean we wont use big ones, just most of the time small will work better. Great sight fishing conditions and given good weather, awesome evening rises.

We love this time of year, be sure to make the most of it!

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