Late Autumn Fishing Report 2012

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Late Autumn Rainbow Trout Fishing
Late Autumn Rainbow Trout Fishing
Successful Autumn Rainbow Trout Fishing. A prolific time of year to be fly fishing!

With lakes full and great water flows from the springs, fishing continues to get better and better. Midge, late olive and caddis hatches have provided quality nymph and dry fly fishing. The most exciting fishing however is for trout smashing into shoals of baitfish.

No matter how long or how much fly fishing you do, the sight of baitfish leaping on mass from the water, attempting to escape hungry trout, gets the pulse racing! You see the water lift, giving away a trout’s position,then make a cast, dropping your fly to intercept that fish. The rod is almost ripped from your grasp, as the fish slams your baitfish imitation and it’s game on.

This is not fantasy, clients are experiencing this reality week in week out at the moment. Top flies for fry feeders are Loynton Guineas, Minkies and Zonkers in various colours and sizes, both weighted and non weighted. For nymphing trout, it’s been hard to beat size 14 midge pupa in black, olive and grey, plus the good old hares ear nymph.

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