Loads a fish, hard fish, big fish!

Fishing Reports

Releasing a big rainbow
Releasing a big rainbow
Rob returning his big rainbow to it's home!

A three day trip saw Rob and I face very different challenges on the Wye. Day one saw perfect conditions and after a little casting work, advice on watercraft, equipment adjustments, etc. Rob presented a number of dry flies to various rising fish and caught, well, loads! His words were, Steve, I’ve caught more today than all season!

Day two was tough, weather conditions were bad, fish were not interested and we had to work hard. Result, five hard won fish, a great result under the given conditions. We also lost a big one, noting his location for day three, along with another good fish.

From the word go, day three was all about targeting the bigger fish located the previous day. I played spotter, guiding Rob into presenting his fly just right. After several fly changes, periods of resting the fish, tactical discussions, well the photo tells the story. Success!

A scene that will play out again and again during September and October until the season ends. Book your trip now!



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