March Fishing Report 2011

Fishing Reports

Spring into action with midlands fly fishing

March has been a fabulous month here, very mild overall, with prolific fly hatches for the time of year, resulting in quality imitative fly fishing.

Midge activity has been fantastic on the lakes, producing some superb buzzer fishing and dry fly on occasion. Watching the water has made for interesting fishing as always. You get 2 days with seemingly identical conditions, midge hatches have trout feeding one day, second day they ignore them. Instead they hit roach as they feed on the midge pupa. Reason? Ease of feeding! What do you think? Let’s here it in comments.

Spring rainbow trout
Fine fish, big smiles. Their have been a lot of these in March!

The early season river fishing has started very well, with much better dry fly fishing than normal, stimulated by good weather and resulting fly hatches. March has been very dry too, meaning lower flows and clear water. So we’ve gone with the finer approach using smaller nymphs, dries and lighter tippets as required. Typically what we would be using a little later in the season. Result, some great fishing days.

Looking forward to April and beyond, things just get better. Good dry fly and nymph fishing on river and lake, plus the prospect of prolific mayfly hatches mean it’s must time to be waterside. Be sure join us for a spring adventure!

Oh yes, we nearly forgot! Pike fly fishing was pretty hot too prior to our season ending, check this out! The good news is the hunt recommences May 2011!!!

May your reel scream loud!

MFF Team


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