May 2012 Fishing Report

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may river fly fishing
may river fly fishing
River fly fishing came alive in late May as this nice brownie shows!

May’s fly fishing, right into early June as I write, has been anything but average. The lakes fished superbly, while rivers only really seemed to hit form during the final week of May.

River fishing really has followed the weather during the first part of the 2012 season, very up and down. Finally however we are getting some consistent dry fly action, particularly on the Derbyshire Wye, famed for it’s quality surface fishing and superb fish. The Mayfly hatch is in full swing as I write, though with plenty of terrestrial insects, daddies, beetles, green fly, plus caddis and a mass of upwing species, their are plenty of flies that will catch fish.

Lakes have produced some of the best dry fly sport I’ve known this spring. We had masses of Hawthorn again, plus beetles, daddies, midges, olives and now mayflies and damsels. When dries have not produced, nymphs have, though the majority of fish have been caught off the top, with clients having great fun.

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