November Fishing Report 2013

Fishing Reports

fly fishing at sunset
autumn fishing at sunset
A stunning autumn sunset. Now is the perfect time to target fry feeding trout!

Although November has seen some fry bashing to make your jaw drop on the lakes, resulting in awesome streamer fishing. Mild conditions overall meant continued top water sport too.  With fly hatches and terrestrial insects remaining available in numbers, dry/nymph combination rigs have been really productive.

The key as ever has been to remain flexible and observant, switching between streamers, dries, nymphs or any combination of the three as dictated by the fish. While bright and dull lures worked at various times along with buzzers, bloodworm, shrimp, corixa, caddis, shuttlecocks and damsels, it often paid to show fish something they had not seen.

november flyfishing success
The result of getting it right!


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