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Crest P7020A Polaroid Sunglasses

During Spring 2010 we received samples of Polaroid Sunglasses for evaluation of performance and comfort. Guides and clients alike have used and abused them over several months, day in day out. Results have to say the least been positive!

Crest P7020A Polaroid Sunglasses
Crest P7020A Polaroid Sunglasses
Bamboo P7027B Polaroid Sunglasses
Bamboo P7027B Polaroid Sunglasses

The  2 designs provided a good comfortable fit for numerous face shapes, the wrap around style shielding eyes from harsh glare from the water surface.

First Trout on Fly
Angler, first trout & Polaroid Sunglasses!

Both models were also very light, to the point of being hardly noticeable. OK so the shades look great, are comfortable, but do they do the job you ask? Simple answer, yes!

We tested models with amber and grey lenses during various light and water conditions. No one experienced eye strain, the comfort and protection enhancing anglers concentration. Visibility into the water was found to be as good as sunglasses of twice the price and lenses had good resistance to scratching.

For a stylish, highly functional pair of polaroid shades, which don’t break the bank, we rate these as a must buy!

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