September 2014 Fishing Report

Fishing Reports

Autumn Brown Trout
Autumn Brown Trout
Will looking very pleased with his first trout on fly. Their were more before the day ended!

It remains a popular misconception that “the fly fishing season” comes to a close around this time of year. While that is true for river trout fishing, many other opportunities open up.

Right now the river fishing is going out with a bang, as trout feed up prior to spawning, providing great dry fly and nymph fishing. Stillwaters are getting better all the time right now, with most of our clients catching during September’s lessons. The outstanding success has been with buzzers, as we are seeing some fabulous hatches, resulting in hectic feeding activity at times.

The awesome news is, from now to Christmas stillwater fly fishing just gets better. We have some fantastic fishing experiences available, so come on out and enjoy!


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