Spring 2013

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Spring fly fishing
Spring fly fishing
Early spring might have been cold, however fishing is good and you great fun!

Stillwater fly fishing has led the way during early spring. No surprise really as early spring 2013 has been rather like winter! Having said that, overall fishing has been good. You will find what worked in winter is still working now. By April’s end we will be enjoying great hatches of buzzers, with olives, hawthorn and mayfly, lining up to trigger a trout feeding frenzy. Some of the most exciting, visual, fly fishing of the year.

With a new river trout fishing season open, we have found sport very mixed, with the majority of feeding activity limited to the warmer midday/early afternoon time. Get the weather right and you can experience good fishing though. As things warm up, so will the river fishing. I always think of the river season as starting properly from late April, anything before that is a bonus.

On the pike fly fishing front, very low water temperatures through March halted the pre-spawn feasting and as yet the pike have shown no inclination to feed or breed. As soon as temperatures steadily rise with some degree of continuity, pike fishing is going to go off the scale.

Steve Y


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