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fly selection

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear when coaching novice fly fishers is “what fly do I use? Their are so many”. My reply is what I say to you now, their are indeed hundreds of thousands of fly patterns available, however you can catch all year round with these 10.

So what are these magic 10 flies? Here’s my list: –

fly selection
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  • Tadpole style lures in black, white, orange, olive, yellow and red, sizes 8-10 (Standard and bead head variant in photo)
  • Pheasant tail nymph size 10-18 (Standard and bead head variant in photo)
  • Hares ear nymph size 10-18 (Standard and bead head variant in photo)
  • Diawl bach nymph size 10-16
  • Midge pupa in black, olive, red size 10-18
  • Shuttlecock in black, tan, olive and gray, size 12-20
  • F fly in black, tan, olive and gray, size 12-20
  • G&H Sedge size 10-14
  • Daddy long legs (crane fly)
  • Parachute adams size 12-20

The above fly selection will cover ninety percent of days for the novice fly fisher, meaning you spend more time fishing a fly than scratching your head while looking blankly at a huge selection of flies.

If you’re still struggling to catch, maybe you should book some fly fishing lessons to make sure you are using them correctly!


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