Start Fly Fishing for Salmon

Starting Fly Fishing

Nothing is like fly fishing for salmon! They may or may not be there. They are not feeding. You spend hours searching for an active fish more often than not. However, the fight when you hook one, is addictive. Before you know it, it’s all about the pursuit. Yes, it’s worthwhile starting to fly fish for salmon!

Regarding expense, I can say if you look, you will see a wealth of water available at very reasonable prices these days. Yes, there are venues that cost a lot of money, however many more waters can be accessed affordably and club water can work out even greater value depending on how much you fish. As for equipment, you probably need less than for any form of fly fishing.

So with the start of a new salmon season and the thrill of chasing springers in the air, we thought let’s share the video you can see at the top of this post. We came across it recently and love Daniel’s passion for the sport as he provides 10 great tips for your salmon fishing. Many of these points can be applied to other species, including trout as an added bonus. Also the fact that the video focuses on Danish salmon fishing makes no difference. These are broad principles you should consider anywhere.

picking salmon flies
Bonus Tip: – If your fly gets this reaction from a salmon, it’s game on!😉

For advice on equipment and casting techniques to suit your requirements, please see our fly casting lessons.

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