Summer Fly Fishing Update

Fishing Reports

summer wild river brown trout fishing
summer wild river brown trout fishing
Fin perfect wild brown trout on dry fly.

Rivers are always the venues of choice during August. Our spring fed rivers have a strong flow of cool water and plenty of fly life, encouraging trout to feed. Fishing at appropriate time of day with dry flies and nymphs has provided prolific fly fishing, during hatches and falls of spinners and terrestrials.

Stillwaters have fished unpredictably, with a few outstanding days. This is always the way late July and August, as trout swim through a soup of food, often feeding when we cannot be waterside and resting when we can. However, Autumn is just around the corner and with huge numbers of roach fry in the lakes, expect some incredibly exciting fishing during weeks to come.

Autumn is also a great time for river fishing. Both the Wye and Coln fish very well late season and the river bank is a quieter place than spring. Perfect for your fishing and a true escape from day to day life. Be sure to join us waterside.


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